China blue

Selected patterned pieces πŸ’™
Beauty after breaking πŸ’™
Willow pattern origins πŸ’™
Julia’s Cornish stoneware
Liz’s delicate watercolour pieces
Allan’s broken teacup
Ruth’s china dreams
Heather’s delicate blue china

Winter morning sky

Pale China blue

Family treasures

Jean’s china duck
Lornas petal teacup and saucer
Blue china plates Liz
Willow tree

Under a tiny willow tree
We hold each others hands
Our steps no longer separate
We hide in unclaimed land.

The bridge it sighs with hope, we might,
Outrun all rules and time.
And in our blue and perfect world,
Our path inks out a line.

A cobalt cherry blossom
a mountain path to cloud,
A Bluebird singing sweetly whilst
The willow drapes her bough.

The guards can chase forevermore,
But never catch us up.
They stay like Cornish stripes around
The far side of our cup.

We hide from haves and musts and shoulds,
Under our willow tree.
There are no emperors or Kings
There's only you and me.


Kintsugi is a centuries-old Japanese art of repairing broken pottery and transforming it into a new work of art with gold, the traditional metal used in Kintsugi. The name of the technique is derived from the words β€œKin” (golden) and β€œtsugi” (joinery), which translate to mean β€œgolden repair.” The scars and cracks of the broken ceramic become the focus and turn the object into something unique and exquisite.

So, dont be blue. All the broken pieces are waiting for is your unique paintbrush. xxx πŸ’™

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