Seed head Liz
Beauty in Fragile Nature
Jean’s Lovely Morris like snowdrops
Edna’s delicate and elegant butterflies
Rowena’s woodland scene
Gill’s seed head with rhythmic leaves
Fran’s beautiful little church
Allan’s delicate little snowdrop
Ruth’s wonderful illustrated Fragile poem
poem by Ruth
Allan’s simple fragile composition
Skeleton fruit Liz
Orbital Decay (From original theme) by Jan
Newtongrange Colliery by Alison
Hydrangea by Heather

Once pink blooms now brown

Fragile papery petals; new

Life appearing

February cuts its teeth,
on all who dare to be.
Outside of morning duvet land,
where bodies are chilly.

The draughts are aching ,
long and fierce.
A prison for your limbs .
The palest moon reflects
on water.
Fingertips on skin.

Think then on fragile stems
Of snowdrops,
pushing through the earth.
Echoing the mighty oak,
Of human, tree , of birth.

Of stillness in a spiders web
Suspended, silken coat.
Glistening, frosty, fragile, crisp.
Like jewels on lovers throat.

Leaves are broken, tatty veins
Held on, with only hope.
And seed heads soldier stoically,
Like anchors tied with rope.

If we can brave this fragile time,
Our limbs and leaves and skin,
Imagine how our lifeblood soon:
Will welcome springtime in.

In every soul there is a time,

of almost being done,
But magically with warmth and love,
We find again the sun .

We hope you are staying strong in blustery times

Much love, liz and everyone at Sea sparkle x

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